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LTA Project’s AirLight Pro series, two sizes of professional grade inflatable LED light towers, is an incredible solution for area lighting. Set up takes less than a minute. Simply plug in power and the tower erects itself to cast light in all directions. The combination of direct and diffused light creates an amazing bright and soft lighting condition. The heavy-duty case and durable materials make for a reliable tool perfect for any type of night-time operation.


AirLight Pro is an inflatable LED light tower designed and manufactured in Cookeville, Tennessee by LTA Projects. An inflatable light tower is an incredible solution for area lighting that more portable, lightweight, and less expensive than traditional temporary lighting. The Pro Series is perfect for construction and utility night-time operations. Reliable area lighting is a game-changer for the safety of everyone involved. Our towers are used by municipal services all over the United States. Sobriety checkpoints, training operations, emergency response, crime scene investigation, and outdoor events are just a few of the applications for these towers.

Height: 12 feet

Weight: 64 pounds

Wattage: 860 Watts

Light output: 74,400 lumens

Voltage: 120V AC

Footprint: 28” x 28” x 24” tall

AirLight Pro Max shown with an optional attachment, the Heavy-Duty Receiver Hitch Mount

Additional information

Weight72.00 lbs
Dimensions28 × 28 × 28 in


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