LTA’s newest LED light tower, the AirLight, provides instant area lighting anywhere you can imagine. Standing almost 10 feet tall and weighing less than 30 pounds, this inflatable tower outputs an incredible 36,000 lumens. When deflated, the entire tower packs down into a case small enough to easily fit into a vehicle trunk or seat. Now Available On Amazon!


Height: 9 feet 9 inches

Weight: 29 pounds

Wattage: 336 Watts

Light output: 36,000 lumens

Voltage: 120V AC

Footprint: 20” x 20” x 18” tall



The AirLight is the world’s most portable light tower

In just 10 seconds, you can go from complete darkness to 6000 square feet of illuminated area. The design of the tower results in a combination of direct light from the top and soft light diffused from the column. The effect is a remarkably pleasant and bright light source.

Other AirLight Models

AirLight Pro

Height: 12 feet

Weight: 64 pounds

Wattage: 860 Watts

Light output: 74,400 lumens

Voltage: 120V AC

Footprint: 28” x 28” x 24” tall

AirLight Pro


AirLight Pro Max

Height: 14 feet

Weight: 72 pounds

Wattage: 1,100 Watts

Light output: 111,000 lumens

Voltage: 120V AC

Footprint: 28” x 28” x 24” tall

AirLight Pro Max


AirLight Pro and AirLight Pro Max shown above with an optional attachment, the Heavy-Duty Receiver Hitch Mount

HD Receiver Hitch Mount


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