AIR Series


Our Air series is an incredible alternative to a traditional steel tower. But the simple functionality of having a tall structure is where the similarities end. LTA's inflated towers can be deployed at a moments notice in any location by one person!

AIR 25 AIR 30 AIR 37M AIR 50 AIR 60
Tower height
25 30 37 50 60
35 44 57 125 105
Max payload
3 8 8 17 8.7
Power required
800 800 800 800 800
Voltage required
120 120 120 120 120
Inflation time
40 66 80 300 330

Available Options

Receiver hitch mount - with adjustable folding legs, the tower can be transported and deployed from the back of a vehicle. Attached wheels on support legs allow for moving the tower by hand.

Vertical lettering - vinyl lettering can turn your tower into a signpost. Add custom lettering, graphic, or logos.

Custom carrying case - for the AIR 25, the entire tower can be transported in our carrying case with a shoulder or a backpack strap.

Internal light system - a super efficient and portable 250 watt Quartz lamp that is mounted internally in the tower.

For operation training on the AIR Series towers, go to our Training Center.


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