Inflatable Light Towers

Inflatable light towers take portable lighting to a whole new level. We provide our unique lighting solution to industries like emergency management, police departments, fire departments, construction, universities, churches, and numerous others.

Three sizes of inflatable LED light towers make up the AirLight series. From our ultra-portable AirLight to our incredibly powerful AirLight Pro Max, there is a light tower to meet your area lighting needs.

The Worlds Most Portable LED Light Tower

10 Feet Tall, 37,200 Lumens

12 Feet Tall, 74,400 Lumens

14 Feet Tall, 114,600 Lumens

For Emergency Management and Preparedness, visit our distributor ProPac

ProPac has earned a solid reputation among emergency managers and first responders for quality products and a solid understanding of their challenges and needs.

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